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Waverley a Great Place to Live

East of Charing Cross, south of Bondi, north of Randwick and west of the Tasman Sea lies Waverley.

An eastern suburb of Sydney that is 7 kilometers east of the Sydney central business district. It falls under Waverley Council and is the administrative center.

Waverley’s northern neighbour Bondi is a major commercial center that attracts residents of Waverley to the area. The suburb is the highest altitude point in all of Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The name Waverley came from a home belonging to Barnett Levey. He named his home after the title of his favorite book written by Sir Walter Scott and the name later adopted by the suburb.

His house was one of the earliest landmarks in the suburb.

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Waverley – A Residential Area in Sydney

A tram terminus constructed in 1882- 1884 was one of the busiest lines in the area. The terminus was built in Charing Cross and served Waverley where over 4700 people used the trams every day as transportation to and from Waverley.

Many of the buildings constructed in Waverley at the time adopted Victorian-style architecture. Edina, a mansion built in Birrell Street for the Vickery family, selected the architectural design.

Many other noteworthy buildings like Banksia, Nellie Vickery memorial chapel and Witchagil accepted the same style.

These buildings stood in Waverley for a long time; they converted from residential places to the war memorial hospital. They are heritage buildings listed on the National Estate Register.

Their preservation is an attraction to the suburb as many get to see the Victorian design. Waverley has many other heritage sites and buildings including the weatherboard cottages off of Bronte road.

The Sydney roosters represent Waverley in sporting competitions. Rugby is however not the only sport in Waverley; there are other sporting activities like cricket, practiced by the eastern suburbs cricket club.

Bowling is also popular in the suburb and football by the Waverley old boys football club.

Waverley is a residential suburb where notable people live or have lived at one time or another. Many famous people are also buried in the Waverley cemetery. It is an ancient cemetery constructed in 1877.

The cemetery is on a cliff which makes it a very notable Cemetery. It is the resting place of Henry Kendall, a poet and Lawrence Hargrave an aviator.

Some of the notable people who have lived in Waverley include the crown princess of Albania, Princess Michael of Kent.

A famous country musician, Lindsay was born in Waverley as well as a 15000m freestyle gold medalist Bod Windle and Millicent Armstrong, a distinguished playwright.

There are many schools and churches in Waverley, built in unique architectural designs. Some of the schools and churches in the suburb are listed landmarks.

They are some of the attractions and identifiers of various streets in the suburb.

Waverley does not have many commercial areas since it is mostly residential.

Most of the residents shop at nearby Bondi shopping center.

The small industrial area in the suburb is mainly at Charing Cross.


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Waverley NSW 2024, Australia

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