Remedial Roof Replacement

Killarney Heights Sydney Northern Beaches Area

Box gutter blocked causing overflow & water pooling resulting in rust

Solution & Scope of Work

  • Install new Box Gutter with Rain Water Head and chute
  • Put simply a rainwater head is a large Colorbond box on the external wall over the Rolla door connected with a large square chute linking box gutter with the Rain Water Head
  • This will collect leaves and debris to the Rain Water Head and not allow water to overflow internally
  • Install new Colorbond Box Gutter. ¬†Install new Colorbond chute
  • Install new 100mm PVC downpipe to the external wall near Rolla door
  • Included were pictures of the rest of the roof in poor condition and a recommendation for replacement given
before metal roof repairs Sydney Northside after metal roof repairs sydney northside
rusty metal roof replacement sydney killarney heightsleaky roof replacement sydney northside

BEFORE - Rust Has Gone Straight Through

The Condition of This Roof Was Disastrous and Needed Emendate Replacement. Sydney Roof Replaced This Roof with Colorbond Chute

metal roof replacement northshorecolorbond roof replacement sydney north

BEFORE - Metal Roof Flooded Causing Rust

This Commercial Roof Replacement Was Long Overdue and Was Causing Interior Damages Because of Excessive Leakage

box gutter with rain water head chutecolorbond roof replacement sydney north beaches

DURING - Box Gutter & Water Chute Installed

Box Gutter Over Rolla Door Blocked with Leaves Causing Overflow and Leakage to Interior or Garage. Box Gutter and Roofing Replaced and Fixed

Colorbond metal roof replacement northshorecolorbond roof replacement sydney northshore

AFTER - New Roof, Water Chute, Box Gutter

A Partial Roof Replacement was Carried Out on This Roof. We Suggested Replacement of the Other Portion as it was Also in Poor Condition

Killarney Heights Sydney Northern Beaches Aerial Shot